Katherine Berry – Bio

Katherine Berry is a Professor in Clinical Psychology at the University of Manchester Co-director of the Complex Trauma and Resilience Research Unit (C-TRU) at Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust. She has carried out extensive research into the psychological and social causes of severe mental health problems. She has used these findsings to develop and evaluate more accessibe psychological therapies for people experiencing psychosis in both commmunity and inpatient settings. She is currently the lead investigator on a large multi-centre trial which aims to increase access to psychological therapies for inpatients (Talk, Understand and Listen in Inpatient Patient Setting; TULIPS). Professor Berry’s PhD thesis focused on attachment theory and psychosis and throughout her career she has published a large body of work on attachment theory and therapeutic relationships. This includes editing two books on attachment theory: Attachment Theory and Adult Mental health (Danquah and Berry, 2013) and Attachment Theory in Psychosis (Berry, Bucci and Danquah, 2019). Her most recent book – Attachment Theory the Basics – provides a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the key concepts of attachment theory.